The RIC is the working vision of sustainable and environmentally friendly drive technologies. Specialising in the areas of research and development, and future-oriented qualification standards are used for future propulsion systems.


With its focus on research and practical application, the RIC serves as a high-tech enabler for innovative drive systems in power sports and as a central driving force for the economy. Thus improving joint opportunities and sustainable technological changes in the market.

In the RIC, three State of the art test benches are used to further develop the environmentally friendly propulsion systems of the future in collaboration with experts and partners from industry and academia.


To deliver on the mission of the RIC - state-of-the-art technological research and training hotspot - the management team ensures constant collaboration with universities, technical and vocational colleges, institutes and other organizations, as well as with independent researchers, experts and knowledge carriers. They ensure that their pool of highly skilled individuals can maximise their knowledge.  

Industry 4.0 - The Production of the Future means a decisive change in all value-added processes through intelligent and smart networking. Therefore the designing of the customized products plays an important role in development – in accordance with customer requirements –  "Lot size 1", aims to produce and  deliver with the best customer service.

Our goal is to prepare qualified professionals in accordance with the needs of industry 4.0 – the production of the future in "Lot size 1". We offer practical qualifications and training for individuals, businesses and people from the education sector including teachers and educators.